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The International Conference on Sustainable Engineering (ICSE) will be organized by Applied Science Private University (Faculty of Engineering and Technology) and will be held on 01-02 November 2023. This conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists,researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Sustainable Engineering.

It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends and concerns, as well as practical challenges encountered, and solutions adopted in the fields of Sustainable Engineering.

Most accepted and presented papers will be published in one of the following Scopus Journals:

1. Journal of Ecological Engineering (JEE)-(Scopus)

2. Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal (ASTRJ)-(Scopus)

3. Ecological Engineering and Environmental Technology (EEET)-(Scopus)

4. International Journal at Thermal and Environmental Engineering


This conference is aimed to bring together experts from various industries & backgrounds to discuss innovative approaches to sustainable engineering practices

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Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Technology

Sustainable Management

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Material

Sustainable Artificial Intelligence

Sustainable Manufactor

Resilient Cities and Urban Developmen


  • 15-10-2023

    Final date of abstract submission

  • 21-10-2023

    Final date of abstract acceptance

  • 25-10-2023

    Final date of conference submission

  • 14-12-2023

    Final date of revised paper for journal publication



  • Prof. Charalampus Baniotopolu
  • Prof. Khairedin M.Abdalla
  • Prof. Salah Amarneh
  • Prof. Georgios Stavroulakis
  • Prof. Jamil Alasfar
  • Prof. Hesham Abusaimeh
  • Prof. Nikos Lagsros
  • Dr. Sinan Faouri
  • Dr. Hanadi Mahmoud
  • Dr. Mohammed Youni
  • Dr. Aslam Al-Omari
  • Dr. Hanan Saleet
  • Dr. Montasir Hiyari
  • Dr. Reem Shadid
  • Dr. Ro’aa Al-awad
  • Dr. Rula Alrawashdeh
  • Dr. YaraK hawaja
  • Dr. Firas Sharaf
  • Dr. Elkhawad AliElfak
  • Dr. Rania Abu Ramadan
  • Dr. Rasheed Abdullah
  • Eng. Sami Al-habahbeh


  • Prof. Salman Ajib (German)
  • Prof. Husam AlWaer (Scotland)
  • Prof. Charalampus Baniotopolus (Britain)
  • Prof. Joanicjusz Nazarko (Poland)
  • Prof. Isam Janajreh (UAE)
  • Prof. Alaa’ Qubbaj (USA)
  • Prof. Musab Alhawat (Britain)
  • Prof. Mohammad ALJaradin (UAE)
  • Prof. Georgios Stavroulakis (Greece)
  • Prof. Othman Zinkaah (Iraq)
  • Dr. Nael F.Al-Husami (Jordan)


  • Prof. Sultan Tarawneh (president of the conference)
  • Prof. Mohammad Ahmad hamdan (chairman of the organizing committee)
  • Prof. Yahya Khraisat
  • Prof. Aws Al-Qaisi
  • Prof. Jalal Abdallah
  • Prof. Salah Amarneh
  • Prof. Nasser Abdellatif
  • Prof. Safwan Altarazi
  • Prof. Naser S. Al-Huniti
  • Prof. Jamil Al Asfar
  • Prof. Aymen Awad
  • Prof. N. Beithou
  • Prof. Suhil Kiwan
  • Prof. Mutaz Al-Tarawneh
  • Prof. Khairedin M. Abdalla
  • Prof. Nikos Lagsrod
  • Prof. Hesham Abusaimeh
  • Prof. Ahmad Al-Salaymeh
  • Prof. Ayman Abu Baker
  • Dr. Mohammad Younes
  • Dr. Husam Abu Hajar
  • Dr. Mazen Al-Kheetan
  • Dr. Osama Al Meanazel
  • Dr. Mutasem Saidan
  • Dr. Taiseer Rawashdeh
  • Dr. Elkhawad Elfaki
  • Dr. Rula Alrawashdeh
  • Dr. Reem Albarakat
  • Dr. Sameh Alsaqoor
  • Dr. Ahmad Alshebli
  • Dr. Ahmad Mostafa
  • Dr. Deya Qteshat
  • Dr. Hanan Saleet
  • Dr. Hashem Alhendi
  • Dr. Faeik AlRabee
  • Dr. Fadwa Dababneh
  • Dr. Loai Dabbour
  • Dr. Hanady ALmahmoud
  • Dr. Mutaz Al-Alawi
  • Dr. Roaa Alawadi
  • Dr. Osama Ayadi
  • Dr. Amer Momani
  • Dr. Sinan Faouri
  • Dr. Rania Aburamadan
  • Dr. Wael Alshamali
  • Dr. Mohammad Hamdan
  • Dr. Aslam Al-Omari
  • Dr. Hikmat Ali
  • Dr. Khaled Bilbeisi
  • Dr. Rashed Abdualla
  • Dr. Yara Khawaja
  • Dr. Mustafa Yaser
  • Dr. Firas Sharaf
  • Dr. Mohammad Nasir
  • Arch. Mazen Al Nabulsi
  • Eng. Ala’ Erekat
  • Eng. Mu’taz Alotein
  • Eng. Rose Smadi
  • Eng. Dana Salameh
  • Eng. Raed Shurbaji
  • Eng. Sami Habahbeh
  • Eng. Radi Alwardat
  • Arch. Imad Al-Dabbas
  • Eng. Lubna Amayreh
  • Eng. Bakr AlRwashdeh
  • Eng. Abdullah Bani Abdullah
  • Eng. Aya Al-Asi
  • Eng. Samer Zawaydeh
  • Eng. Ohood Hamdan
  • Arch. Roa'a Zidan
  • Eng. Yousef Mayah

Our Speakers

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Professor Yousef Al Hayek


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Professor Gabrial Borowsk


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Professor Husam ALwaer


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Professor Charalampos Baniotopoulos


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